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11 things to buy before visitng disney

Read this before you leave for your Disney Vacation!

Going on a Disney vacation can be a favorite family vacations! We have been on the Disney Cruise,
Disney World, Disney Land . . . if you cannot tell, we are BIG Disney fans! We are not, however, fans of some
of the prices of some of the items in the parks. Let's just say that it is no bargain to get into the park and
they certainly don't give you any breaks once you are in! Here are some items that we have found to bring
with us and have saved us from totally breaking the bank on our Disney vacations!!


Soft Sided Cooler

Food in the Disney parks is very expensive, especially when traveling with a family. A good idea is to pack sandwiches and chips and then buy some special snacks throughout the day!
Grab a smaller cooler to throw in a locker or carry with you. These coolers come in a variety of sizes from 12 can to 40 can. Forget the wheeled ones, they are not allowed in the park.

compact charger Compact Portable Charger

You never know when a portable compact battery charger will come in handy, especially when you are somewhere that is difficult to plug in. This handy unit can charge a phone up to 4 times faster than a USB cable.

Light Up Spinning Toys

If you are going to be at a Disney Park at night, this is a must! Every kid will be holding a light up spinning toy while waiting for the fireworks - and as we know, Disney is the happiest place on Earth, no one wants to have a screaming child at Disney. You can get the Disney version here or find more econmical versions as well.

glow wand

Glow Gear for the Light Parade

Kids will be lighting up everywhere during the Light Parade - Be prepared with your light up glow wands, light up head bands and anything else that will glow!

princess dress Disney Princess Dress

Every little girl wants to be a princess, especially at Disney! You see girls walking around in full out princess costumes from head to toe - it can cost you a pretty penny in the parks, but you can find it much less expensive here!
pirate costume Pirate Garb

Argh! Don't forget our pirates! The boys are inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean and Captain Jack Sparrow! Get your pirate gear before you go!


Of course we always hope for a beautiful sunny day... but it is a good idea to be prepared with a poncho just in case. A bunch of them will easily fit in a backpack and can be saved for another rainy day.

Spray Bottle with Fan

We all love the beautiful sunny days - but sometimes it can get hot....very hot at Disney. These hot days can make the long lines even longer. Be prepared with your own spray bottle with fan so you can gently blow a cooling mist on your face when needed.

Disney Autograph Book

It is likely you are going to be waiting in every character line you see - but you for sure will need an official autograph book to collect those signatures!

Disney Pin Lanyard

If your kids are collectors (and what kid isn't) they will for sure want to partake in pin trading! Get your Disney Pin Lanyard before you go and they will be all set as soon as they the hit Disney property!
disney trading pins Disney Trading Pins

Speaking of pin trading - stock up on some inexpensive Disney pins to trade with cast members! Cast members must trade the pins they have - so have some on hand that you are not attached to and find some gems! What you can get here for $1 could cost you $10 at Disney. Find tons of pins here!
Waterproof Phone Pouch

Ready to go on Splash Mountain - but wait! What about your cell phone - You don't want to take any chances of getting it soaked... no worries! This waterproof phone pouch will keep it nice and dry - see a great collection of waterproof pouches and bags here!
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